Selected Projects

Pop-up Parklet

The Peabody Parklet is a pop-up installation that can be reconfigured into any shape/space for community events.  For this event, and a budget of less than $25, we created a canopy out of bubble wrap and lit it from below with uplights.  The same effect could be achieved with paper or fabric, but in this case it needed to be weatherproof and reusable.


live at the museum of science, boston

Capturing the Arc is on display in the atrium of the Museum of Science, Boston.  It is comprised of 27 acrylic arcs, etched with small dots in a grid.  LED lighting lines the perimeter of each arc, and when lit, the arc appears solid.  When not it, it appears clear.  The large surface to weight ratio allows the arcs to rotate freely in the breezes of the lobby.  The colors change continuously and can be customized on the fly.

triad human performance center

A neurohealth and neurofitness center in Scottsdale, AZ contacted us to design and install the lighting for their multi-sensory fitness and recovery experience.  From the lobby to the sports performance enhancement rooms, every area was bathed in colored light.